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Silk Screen Prints- Limited Edition on sale at the exhibition!

Exciting news! We’ve got four silk screen prints designed by Swifty which will be on sale at the exhibition and 25% of the sales will go to War Child Charity. Yes, you’ve read it right…the master of fonts himself, Swifty! The price of the prints is to be confirmed, but it will be just under 100 pounds. Further details of the artworks: they are black and silver printed on 315 gdm heritage woodfree white cartridge size 686 m high by 508 mm wide, signed and numbered by the artists, in an edition of 25.

And here are the prints, with the following titles (in order): Afrika 70, Black President, Blackism, and Freedom & Truth :

afrika 70

black president


justice & truth

You can see Swifty has reworked Lemi’s fonts from Fela’s sleeves and gave his drawings a new fresh/city look. So, we’ve got a delightful cross-over of two great artists, Lemi and Swifty, mashing up Brit urban design with the exotic African vibe impregnated with a strong social message.


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