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Day before the launch

Here’s a few photos from Monday, when making the last preparations for the downstairs area where the Shrine and the Lemi/ Black Heroes wall are situated. Also, Leon Sparkes has done an original piece on the day, covering an entire wall. Check out more stuff from Leon here.







And this little canvas called Octonialism was made by me 🙂

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Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Session Pics

So before getting to bits and pieces of Lemi’s bio, I thought we should get in the Afro atmosphere by checking out some photos from a Live Afrobeat Session in London featuring Dele Sosimi, Fela Kuti’s Egypt 80 band keyboard player for 7 years and then Femi Kuti’s Positive Force music director. Afrobeat emerged in the club established by Fela Kuti in Lagos, called The Shrine, as part of the Kalakuta Republic, the place where him and like-minded people practiced his ideologies and resisted the social surrounding environment.


This live Spiritual Afrobeat Session was led by Dele, with DJ Koichi Sakai, recreating the energy and vibe of the performances in the Shrine through the lively mash-up of Yoruba music, jazz, highlife and funk, taking you straight back to Nigeria’s 70’s.

So here’s the link to some really good pics from the event:


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