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Lemi talks about the Fela Kuti albums artwork

Since artwork complements the music, with the occasion of the new Fela show hitting the UK, watch a video with artist Lemi Ghariokwu giving an insight into the creation of Fela’s album sleeves:

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Story of the beginning

Ammo Talwar, chief executive of Punch Records, talks about the very birth of the Art’s Own Kind project and the reasons behind running the exhibition:

Thus the story follows  Cynthia’s path, who adds:

The entire team has been working on BASS 09 for the last two years – doing everything from seeing new work created by the African Diaspora here in the UK to checking out existing African festivals across Europe. All of this was with the intention of finding out what’s new and what’s fresh out there, and also finding things that inspire ­us personally.  This is a very important aspect of our ethos, and must be a running thread in any work we produce.

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