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Dele Sosimi live

Watch Dele Sosimi perform What Next from the album Turbulent Times here . Best live Afrobeat around!

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Musical interlude

Enjoy some pure Afrobeat from our very special Art’s Own Kind guest, Dele Sosimi, by watching his performance here:

Dele Sosimi – Turbulent Times (excerpt from unfinished Rough Cut)

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Edge09 Afrobeat Panel Discussion

Next day after the launch, a panel discussion having the Afrobeat phenomenon as its theme took place at Rich Mix. The very special guests were Lemi Ghariokwu (of course), Tony Allen, Dele Sosimi, Wunmi and Rich Medina – key figures for the birth and development of Afrobeat. Paul Bradshaw from Straight No Chaser was the moderator of the forum.


The talk revolved around the lack of promotion of Afrobeat in today’s musical culture. Each guest has expressed his concern about the representation of African identity worldwide and how Africans themselves are now influenced by hip-hop and overlook the richness of their own cultural heritage.


Delving into subcultures and youth culture has brought up the effect social change has had over the music industry and how the genre landscape has taken shape in different countries.

You can read a review of the discussion here

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The Launch 9th of June

Art’s Own Kind launch on Tuesday evening was a big success: many people came to see Lemi’s art, enjoyed themselves, danced like mad to the Afrobeat played by Rich Medina, Dele Sosimi and Tony Allen’s bands and also got the unique chance of watching Lemi (accompanied on stage by his beautiful ‘angel’ girls) deliver a speech about his art and then talk to him in person.


 Check out Ammo’s original African outfit!


Dele Sosimi, former member of Fela’s band Egypt 80, and his band warmed up the atmosphere, bringing pure Afrobeat vibes.


Rich Medina, NY’s Jump and Funk host, added the bass to the madness back to back with his 16 months old son who already is an Afrobeat initiate, adding to Dele Sosimi’s performance by playing the drumsticks on the speakers right on the rythim!





By the time Tony Allen (former member of Fela’s Afrika 70) became king of the stage everyone was up and dancing, in front of the stage, and also upstairs, where Lemi originals brought from Nigeria were displayed and out for sale on the launch evening only.



It was a great (late) evening and if you were there and took some photos you’d like to share please contact me at: sorana@punch-records.co.uk and I’ll put them up.

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The Edge09 Forum with Lemi and Tony Allen

Afrobeat: A Culture – The Edge09 Forum featuring Lemi Ghariokwu & Tony Allen

Edge09 in conjuction with BASS festival presents AFROBEAT: A CULTURE – a forum for all Afrobeat headz with a stellar panel that includes Lemi Ghariokwu (The Man responsible for Fela’s artwork), Tony Allen (Afrobeat Master drummer), Rich Medina (Jump’n’Funk NYC), Wunmi (Afrobeat Queen), Dele Sosimi (Keys/Egypt80). The discussion will be hosted by Paul Bradshaw (Edge09/Straight No Chaser). Join us and a host of invited guests to assess the global impact of Afrobeat – a culture of creativity and resistance.

Forum – Weds 10th June @ 1pm-2.30pm

Exhibition Art’s Own Kind – 8 June – 6 July 2009

Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA

Get an idea about who’s going to be there watching the following videos

Check out Wunmi’s performance at London Jazz Cafe:

And here’s some sounds from the master of drums himself, Tony Allen:


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Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Session Pics

So before getting to bits and pieces of Lemi’s bio, I thought we should get in the Afro atmosphere by checking out some photos from a Live Afrobeat Session in London featuring Dele Sosimi, Fela Kuti’s Egypt 80 band keyboard player for 7 years and then Femi Kuti’s Positive Force music director. Afrobeat emerged in the club established by Fela Kuti in Lagos, called The Shrine, as part of the Kalakuta Republic, the place where him and like-minded people practiced his ideologies and resisted the social surrounding environment.


This live Spiritual Afrobeat Session was led by Dele, with DJ Koichi Sakai, recreating the energy and vibe of the performances in the Shrine through the lively mash-up of Yoruba music, jazz, highlife and funk, taking you straight back to Nigeria’s 70’s.

So here’s the link to some really good pics from the event:


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Get set. Go

With a month and a bit left until the launch of the Art’s Own Kind exhibition, we kick off the buzz here by getting an insight into the story behind the event and Lemi Ghariokwu’s contribution to the Afrobeat movement. His work reflects the vibrant atmosphere of African culture and also makes a statement about Black people’s ideals and strife within society.

So, the following posts will give a bit of info and background to how Lemi established himself as Nigeria’s most prolific record sleeve designer, since his collaboration and friendship with Fela Kuti overshadows him as an artist to the extent that he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry (actually I just might do that…). As I said in the blog’s description, each post is meant to be an incitement to interactive dialogue, so it would be great if you could drop any thoughts and feelings about what’s here.

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