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Lemi’s Afro Beat Art

Watch an exclusive video with Lemi talking about his early career, meeting Fela Kuti and his recent work by clicking the link below
Lemi Ghariokwu: Afro Art Beat from Damien Priest on Vimeo.

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Lemi Fights the Power

Fresh Summer 2010 news about Lemi’s work: Punch Records have put up a free exhibition called Fight the Power centred around the theme of PROTEST, be it about global pressing themes such as corporate exploitation, capitalist brainwashing and the environment or small things affecting each other’s life such as  prices going up or rubbish customer services from your broadband provider… the point is: say something about it, protest! And Lemi’s work fits in perfectly with the theme as it protests against colonial domination raising awareness of racial and social issues in Africa… so make sure you visit the interactive exhibition at the Zellig Eastside in the Custard Factory, Birmingham where you get the chance to make YOUR own protest and click here to see some more pics from the spot.

Also, click here to watch a video of Ammo from Punch Records taking us around the exhibition and giving some more info about the artworks and the aim of the exhibition.

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Lemi on colonialism in art and the image of Africa

Lemi’s art makes a strong statement about how African people have adopted Western values and thus lost freedom of thought and action as a result of the colonialist era. Even now, the strands of colonialist mentality are still visible through the Western potrayal of African culture, impregnated with prejudices of the Black continent being an under-developed and savage environment.

ikoyi blindness

The Black man and woman is still colonised today. Look all around you and see what I mean. Most of the women in Africa and the Diaspora have their hair permed permanently. We wear Western clothes in Africa. We speak English to our children as the first and major language. Our culture and tradition is rapidly disappearing. With Christianity and Islam in total dominance as religions of Black people, tell me how Black art cannot and still continue to be colonised today? We’ve got to first emancipate ourselves from mental slavery before our minds and art can release itself from being colonised.


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Lemi distinguishes between the image of Africa thaWestern culture has produced and the representation he gives to his own culture:

The primitive image of Africa is represented by the Western information machinery. It is mostly about wars, hunger, starvation and underdevelopment. I’m trying to portray the image of our society albeit critical at times but in the vein of us taking a look at what is wrong to come up with a progressive and lasting solution. The image of hope, self worth, pride and dignity of the African. This I hope to leave as my legacy.



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