About Art’s Own Kind Exhibition



Great news: The exhibition will go on at Rich Mix until the end of July due to popular demand

9 responses to “About Art’s Own Kind Exhibition

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  2. Lovely flyer. good times!

  3. Georgina George

    Would love to attend private view as will be out of the country after this date – is it possible to get an invite?


  4. dayoadelaja

    artist in las vegas…oil painting, muralist, sculptor…
    were do you go after fela…need to grow. the illustration was genre and folk artish. i found the depiction of women to be pornographic and not art most of the time. fela’s message was powerful and childlike…playful in appearance. did he have a client control on your drawing or did you corrupt his artistic contribution to the creative process… unfinished business…bru.ta(rt)l.

  5. @dayoadelaja
    Corrupt is not the correct term to definite to portray Lemi Artwork for Fela, for Afro Beat music introducing Strong definitions of an eccentric and powerful personality rid of any kind of mind slavery – as shock is a step – model- if your definition of Nude Woman paintings sound misappropriate , your intention to describe depiction of women to pornographic NoArt is a real narrow pent up from your kind of thinking – you might misunderstood Lemi harmonious work and Fela energizing genius music since the beginning of his story at Shrine to the point History –

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