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Hi! My name is Sorana and this blog will try to get an understanding of the reasons behind the creation and involvment in the Art’s Own Kind exhibition which will take place between the 8th of June and the 6th of July at RICH MIX Cafe and Mezzanine in London. Check the About the Exhibition page to see the flyer and more details.

Punch Records have come into possession of the Lemi Ghariokwu archive and have taken the unique opportunity to set up a touring exhibition of the very best and rarely seen works of the Nigerian artist. Travelling throughout the UK, the exhibition has a changing, modular and interactive aspect to it, encouraging people to interact and communicate in order to gain a deeper understanding of Lemi’s development as an artist and of the themes his work approached.

young Lemi Lemi Ghariokwu is the creator and illustrator of Afrobeat’s legend Fela Kuti iconic album sleeves, which represent African artistic benchmarks as well as political statements of the Nigerian musician orginating from Lagos.

The exhibition aims to capture the style, energy, vibes and optimism of the Afrobeat decades since Lemi’s work also includes paintings of the environment in which Fela lived and where the Afrobeat current flourished, namely the Kalakuta Republic and the legendary Shrine nightclub in Lagos where Fela and his band Africa 70 performed, inspiring art, politics, ideologies, creativity and dynamism through their lifestyle and music.

The archives also comprise new contemporary pieces which reflect and comment on the politics of Africa, exploring cultural formations and vivid Black identities, so the exhibition is an invitation to reflection and dialogue about diversity and social issues facing the world today.

lemi original artwork

So, by telling the story of the people behind the exhibition and chronicling its establishment I hope to open up the opportunity for discussion and opinion sharing about a great visionary artist which has been much overlooked.


4 responses to “About this Blog

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  2. Aaelah


    You have here a glorious blog. I have a request with regards to the Exhibition,.. (it may be seen as a little foward! i apologise if this is the case) – regardless of how hard we’ve tried shuffling our schedules it still seems we will not be able to attend the Edge 09 panel discussion on Wednesday. It truly is a ‘stellar panel’, I believe our youth, as well as ourselves, would benefit greatly from hearing what they have to say. – is there any possibility of the panel discussion being filmed/audio-recorded?

    We understand if this is not possible, but kinda thought theres no harm in asking, right? 🙂 thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you either way


    • Sorana

      Thank you very much for your interest! Indeed we’ve got a big thing going on and it will be filmed so don’t worry. I will try to get the footage and see if I can put it up here. Hope to see you at the exhibition!

  3. Nice post. Thanks for publishing this. Keep up the good work.

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