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You made history, Lemi. Definitely, you did. And the most wonderful thing about you is how humble you are, despite being such a gifted artist. And, also, despite having played such a huge part in helping Fela deliver the message that he did deliver to the world. Thank you, Lemi, for showing us what it is to be a genuine human being.

Carlos Moore

with all the great work you have done and you are still so humble! I appreciate you Man Lemo!

Cordelia Okpei

Wow,Lemi you are deep, and wisdom ooze from your words

Lekan Shittu

I’ve known Lemi for few years – and he has not diminished in his style, composure and inability to lie down with negativity…from a cub reporter, to a publisher…Lemi remains a litmus test to me and my generation on how to remain grounded in reality (the true hub of humanity) irrespective of your station in life.
Really, I have a sneaky feeling, I’m going to write a treatise on Lemi one day…very soon. And the tentative title? BUILT TO STAND



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